Southeast Tennessee

Fast Facts

Southeast Tennessee is one of the richest per capita regions within the Volunteer State. While located within this prosperous region, the home of Ocoee Outreach (Cleveland, Tennessee) also contains a pocket of poverty that ranks among our nation's poorest.

Within the community of East Cleveland, only 56% of adults have completed a high school education; 95% of children receive free/reduced fee breakfasts and lunches through the public schools; only 1 in 4 families have a male head of household; and the average income for a family of 4 is only $14,000.

Cleveland, Tennessee, is considered by many to be a “Christian” community: home of 62 Southern Baptist churches, the International Headquarters for the Church of God, the International Headquarters for the Church of God of Prophecy, Lee University (a Christian school of higher learning), and numerous other churches of varying denominations. In fact, The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that there are more protestant evangelical churches per capita in Cleveland, Tennessee, than in any other city in the United States!

Yet...many people enjoying the benefits of this prosperous, Christian community fail to see the tremendous disparity that exists.

Ocoee Outreach is determined to deminish that gap.