Ocoee Outreach

Ocoee Outreach Mission Partners Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Ocoee Outreach Mission Partners,

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting all of our lives and is evolving daily.  We are praying that you, your family, and your church are working hard to protect your health and the health of you neighbors.  We also pray for the sick, all of the medical professionals, our government leaders at all levels and all those affected by the economic turbulence we are experiencing.  And we pray for opportunities to share the eternal hope we have in Christ with people who are worried about the fragility of life. 

All of us are struggling to navigate through these challenging and uncertain times.  As a mission, our desire is to continue sharing the Love of Christ while meeting some crucial needs of our community.  Regarding the summer, we continue to plan for whatever opportunities God gives us to serve together โ€“ however that might look.  No decisions have been made regarding the summer, as the situation is too fluid right now to determine what is best.  We have many disabled and needy families awaiting home repairs and hundreds of children from unhealthy family situations to reach through day camp experiences.  We do however have the following updates to provide you with:

1.     Pre-Project Wknd. scheduled for May 1 โ€“ 2 will be an online event so you will not need to travel here in person.  We will do everything online through a tool such as Zoom and schedule group leaders for 1 hour time blocks.  We will have more information about this in the upcoming weeks.

2.     The 60 day out deposits will now be 30 day out deposits and will be refundable โ€“ no deposits will be due in April.

As you know we are very connected to the local church through our CrossNet Baptist Network. We know firsthand this is and will become a very challenging time for you and your church.  We will check-in with you over the next couple of weeks and will continue to keep you updated on any changes.

In His Service,

Randy Bonner
CrossNet Baptist Network/Ocoee Outreach
2707 N. Ocoee St.
Cleveland, TN 37312